Refresher 1:1 Training Deposit



This class will quickly cover the lash basics, and then will be directed towards your area of weakness.  A lesson plan will be created to teach you new techniques in what you need help with most. For example If you are having specific trouble with isolation, fanning, placement, branding/marketing, etc (whatever you need help with)  we will work on those few things that you need help with most. You must have your basic certification to take this class. (have been taught the basics in a class)  


MUST BOOK AT LEAST 6 DAYS AHEAD OF TIME. After class is booked contact us to let us know what areas your needing help with, and to request a lash kit if needed. 



This is a 1 day course. The class is be about 3-4 hours long.  The class does not include a starter kit, so you will need to bring your own supplies. If you would like to add a lash kit to your class it will be an extra $100 added to your total. kit includes everything needed to lash.  



Our CEO/Lash tech will be hands on showing you her techniques and will be a lifelong mentor along your lash journey. After the class you can feel more than free to contact us for further clarification,questions, and anything else you may need help with.