Eyelash Shampoo


Eyelash shampoo is mandatory for anyone who knows the best type of lashes are the kind that last. This shampoo will keep your lashes dirt and residue free and inevitably prolong your mink use or lash extensions lifespan. 

cleaner is a foam to prevent soap getting in the eyes when cleaning extensions or having to completely drench extensions or mink strips in soap or water.

No more having to throw away minks or get early fills after a short period of time due to the way your lashes look, feel, and overall how clean they are. 

•Eyelash wash, can be used to clean extensions, mink strips, and natural lashes as well. 

•Shampoo is handmade in a 2oz bottle.

•Comes in foaming bottle for easy use and easy lathering of soap without completely soaking lashes in water.

•Does not burn, but not meant to go inside of your eye. 

•Simply apply a little to lashes, brush, then rinse (wetting a paper towel or something similar, and dabbing the soap until it is all gone) 

•Ingredients include no tear shampoo,baking soda, and distilled water.

•Can be used to remove makeup before face wash. 

• effectively cleans natural lashes, and strip lashes, but especially designed for eyelash extensions after a service and during touch ups, adding to retention before applying professional lash adhesive to help glue adhesion and longer eyelash extensions life. 


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